The 3 Touches Story

**1 year supply is equal to 12 bottles

About Us

3 Touches was founded upon one simple mission: To support youth athletes by making club sports more accessible to families regardless of their financial resources.

We're doing this through the creation of 3 Touches All-Natural Shoe & Athletic Gear Deodorizer, a 100% natural, made in the USA, spray deodorizer formulated specifically for athletes... But also for the coaches and parents that have to smell those athletes :-)

Coach Adam Bromberg - Founder 3 Touches All Natural Shoe and Athletic Gear & Equipment Deodorizer for Athletes - Essential Oils - Made in the USA

How it began, from Coach Adam:

In my 15 years of coaching volleyball both for high schools and for private clubs, I've seen such incredible talent among athletes whose families do not have the means to pay for club opportunities that other athletes get. 

As future playing opportunities, like making a varsity team or playing in college, become more and more competitive, access to year-round training that club teams provide is becoming a more essential part of athlete development.

The problem is though, it's incredibly cost-prohibitive. In Las Vegas, NV where I coach, club opportunities can easily cost families into the thousands of dollars per season just in club dues alone. Then, families are expected to pay for their child's own travel, equipment, and more. So you can see how quickly club sports can become accessible only to higher-income families. 

When I started my own volleyball club in 2021, I set out with the goal to shake things up a bit and see how I could provide elite training opportunities to athletes of all backgrounds.

Fast forward to 2022, and 3 Touches was born as a means to help offset participation costs for athletes and their families. Read more

Our Core Beliefs

It's important to us to adhere to a set of core beliefs in our company that are non-negotiable:

1. Every decision is made from the lens of "can this help further support our mission to benefit youth athletes?" This is how we always stay on task and keep progressing.

2. Only sell products that we would be comfortable using in our own homes around our own families. 3 Touches uses only all-natural, simple ingredients in our products. Personally, if we wouldn't use chemical-filled solutions found in other products around our own home, how could we possibly endorse and sell something like that to you? Gross! The 3 ingredients you'll find in 3 Touches' All-Natural Shoe & Athletic Gear Deodorizer - alcohol, essential oils, and water - are simple, effective, and safe.

3. Minimize our impact on the world around us to the best of our ability. Our bottles are made of aluminum, an infinitely recyclable material as opposed to plastic, which degrades each time it's recycled thus requiring new, "virgin plastic" to be added during manufacturing. Nearly 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today!

While our spraying mechanisms are still made of plastic (please recycle), you'll find that we do not use any type of aerosol mechanism to make sure we're not releasing any VOCs into the environment.

We may not be perfect, but we're always striving to do things a little better each day!